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Largest Nature PlayScape opens at Wesselman Woods

From creeks to branches, rocks and sand, Wesselman Woods has finally opened their three-acre Nature Playscape.
Eyewitness News’ Amelia Young shows us how this untraditional playground is getting kids away from their iPads and back outdoors.
Four years is how long Wesselman has been working to unveil their biggest project.
Hundreds pouring in on Saturday to see what is now the country’s largest nature playscape.
“It’s unlike anything anyone in the area has seen before,” said Elaine Edwards with Wesselman Woods.
It’s a place for kids to play with whatever they can find.
“A creek to splash in, mud to dig in, there’s forts to hide in, things to climb, things to hide under, things to build,” said Edwards.
Those are just a few of the things the tiny tots got into.
“I’m playing. I'm trying to catch tadpoles,” said 4-year-old Jaxon Lindsey.
“I have went through the walking stick area and now I’m in the river. It’s good and very cold very cold water,” said 6-year-old Patrick Berry.
All the new adventures left some completely overwhelmed, but parents say the nature scape will offer more than just a few hours of fresh air.
“I think I will get to see my kids be creative in ways I’ve never seen before and so I think as we come back each time they’ll be able to do new things and every day is gonna be different,” said Amanda Berry.
For a generation growing up with so much technology, the simple experience outdoors was everything they had hoped for.
“It’s good because we have a lot more nature around us,” said 9-year-old Kinsley Dean.
“We thought it would be a great experience to come look at nature and all that,” said 11-year-old Evan Weber.
While many left with a few smudges of dirt, no one left disappointed.
“It’s so nature and outside doors,” said Patrick.
(This article was originally published May 26, 2018)

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