Election day may be only hours away, but for the Vanderburgh County Election Office, Tuesday has been months in the making.

Putting on an election takes many more than just those names on your ballot.

“It takes about 250 people to put on an election, so just starting there, getting the 250 to help put on the election, whether it’s a poll worker, or someone working in the election office on election day,” said Vanderburgh County Clerk Carla Hayden.

From checking and delivering equipment, to absentee ballots, to last minute preps, election officials say their job is to make sure nothing goes wrong.

“Ballots we go over multiple multiple times to make sure all the I’s are dotted, T’s are crossed, and if we find a mistake, we start again, and we do not just that person, we do the entire ballot once again,” said John Gerard, Election Supervisor for Vanderburgh County.

“It is a great responsibility, and no matter how many things go right, if one thing goes wrong, that is what people will remember, is the one thing that didn’t go right,” said Hayden.

Officials say, what matters the most is making sure everyone’s voices are heard.

“There’s a lot of stress to it, but there’s a lot of joy knowing that we have provided that opportunity for everyone to have their voice and say in our government,” said Gerard.

Polls open tomorrow morning at 6 am and close at 6 pm.

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Click here to see a list of candidates who have filed ahead of the May primary.