EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- It’s been a long, hot, humid, and violent summer across the United States and, after a pair of murders on Tuesday, Evansville is sadly no exception. Officials say Tel’Majae McGee and Ronald Eastwood Jr. were shot and killed in separate incidents almost a day apart- McGee along Jefferson Avenue early Tuesday morning and Eastwood Junior along Mulberry Street late Tuesday evening.

Evansville Police Sgt. Anna Gray says detectives are still in the early stages of their investigation and have yet to rule anything out- including the possibility that the murders are connected. Sgt. Gray says detectives are looking at every possible angle but, thus far, they’ve released no indications whether or not the deaths were gang-related.

Sgt. Gray urged anyone with information to call the Police Department or leave an anonymous tip.

Still, while gun violence is nothing new to Evansville, it concerns some local leaders. Evansville NAACP leader Gerald Arnold says the violence is “beyond any comprehension,” adding that young people are a “byproduct of their environment.”

Veltri Taylor of First Ebenezer Baptist Church says people are hurting and in need of solace, adding “as a religious leader, I say they need Jesus.” Taylor shied away from saying she’s necessarily “worried” but she is concerned, however, “nothing that has happened under Heaven hasn’t happened before.”

Taylor and Arnold say the path towards nonviolence starts on a personal level. Arnold says adults need to start respecting one another, working with each other to “take our communities back… take our kids back.” Taylor says people need to be faithful and continue working to make a difference.