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Levco faces Hermann for Vanderburgh County prosecutor

A man familiar with the Vanderburgh County court system is looking to get back in the ring. After decades in the prosecutor’s office, Stan Levco is trying to take Nick Hermann's job.

“I have a proven record of effectiveness as prosecutor and I think I'll be able to bring that back,” Levco told his supporters Thursday at an announcement in the Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse.

But Hermann says Levco’s past isn’t positive. “He wouldn't prosecute cases, he wouldn't file cases, he was dismissing cases, he wasn't filing habitual offender cases.”

It’s shaping up to be a brutal ‘Round Three’ of Levco v. Hermann. Two attorneys with one office up for grabs. Levco beat Hermann in 2006 but lost in 2010. Since then, Levco says it's been a downhill slide on the first floor of Evansville’s Civic Center.

Levco says he’ll let his record speak for itself. He doesn’t plan to change much if he’s elected again. “I’ve got a record of 20 years of doing things. I don't think I'll make any drastic changes from what I've done. I think I'll make some drastic changes in what happened the last 8 years.”

Vanderburgh County Democrats will caucus next week to formally name Levco a challenger to Republican Hermann.

In his announcement, Levco touted his own conviction rate around the 80 percent national average. He says Hermann's is well below that. Hermann says it's cherry picking numbers; something he learned to avoid working for Levco as a deputy.

Hermann says that experience helped him lead a better office. “Seeing the inefficiencies, seeing cases that weren't fired, seeing cases that weren't allowed to go to trial. We're going to charge aggressively, we're going to try cases aggressively, and I think proof is in the pudding there.”

“But it doesn't matter how many tips he gets if he can't convict,” Levco said Thursday.

“I think the facts are to the contrary on that,” Hermann refuted. “I think we've run a very effective office.”

It's a showdown no one expected in May. This old rivalry is heating up again.


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(This story was originally published June 7, 2018)

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