HOPKINS CO., Ky. (WEHT) — Hopkins County Schools are addressing a trending social media post they say is not true. A woman on Facebook claims some students at the schools are identifying themselves as animals, with one student going as far to ask for a litterbox in the restrooms.

The woman is apparently upset because she says that kids can’t wear shoulder showing clothing, yet are allowed to use a litterbox. Only a few hours after the post was made, the school district shared this statement in regards to the accusations.

We want to address rumors that have spread on social media.

Despite rumors to the contrary, we have not nor will we allow students to wear anything that involves dressing up as an animal. If students do come in inappropriate dress, consequences will apply. This would be against our dress code, which prohibits the wearing of any item that disrupts the educational process. To address a related rumor, we certainly do not have litter boxes placed in our bathrooms.

Our policies for student behavior are outlined in the Student Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline.

Hopkins County Schools say this information was sent out to parents Thursday afternoon.

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