Livestock owners at Warrick County Fair work to protect animals during heat wave


WARRICK COUNTY, In. (WEHT) — As a big fair weekend approaches, so do extremely hot temperatures.

People who raise and show livestock at Warrick County Fair have had to take some extra precautions, including sports drinks.

“It can get pretty long. And tiring. And hot,” says Keesha Allen. Her family raise and show livestock together, and her daughter Andy was there with her calf.

But during the dog days of summer here, it doesn’t matter if you’re a pig, or poultry, or a cow; because fair days are hot, even without a blistering heat wave.

“They drink about twice as much water, as you can tell,” April Lanham says as she takes care of her two pigs.

Here, livestock owners are taking the bull by the horns and fighting the heat before the worst moves in.

“You’ll notice even during the shows the judges do a really good job of making sure the animals aren’t in the ring too long, because the more they work the hotter they get,” said Allen.

The Allen’s explained they spend all day keeping an eye on their livestock, including giving them extra water, making sure they stay in the shade and keep cool.

Andy explained a trick she used to keep her pigs hydrated.

“If it’s still too hot you’ll mix it [water] with Gatorade, give them Gatorade so they don’t get dehydrated.”

Lanham checks in with her pigs every hour to make sure they are okay.

“We spritz them with a bottle of water about every hour, to keep the flies off them and keep them hydrated. And then about every other hour we take them to the wash pan and wash them off real well.”

Of course, showers and Gatorade aren’t just for pigs:

“You can do it with cows sheep and goats.”
But despite the big fans and extra hydration, the biggest weapon against the heat is a watchful eye.

“We’re here when the sun comes up, ready to feed and water and we stay and monitor them all day long.”
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(This story was originally published on July 18, 20

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