OWENSBORO, Ky (WEHT) – A bank in the Tri-State has been noticed by American Banker.

For the past twelve years, Independence Bank has been named a “Best Bank to Work For.”  The bank’s ranking for 2021 improved seven spots to 23rd place across the nation. “I think it is just awesome,” Independence Bank Chairman and CEO Chris Reid reflected. “It’s incredible. This is a testament to wonderful employees who have joined us. We’re like one big family.”

American Banker asked leaders at the 90 banks earning a spot this year in the annual listing about how they are handling challenges associated with hiring and retaining talent. “I want every new employee to know that you’re going to do something to make this Bank even better than it is,” Reid shared. “I can go through almost every single employee and tell them, specifically, at least one thing they did to make us better—to make us great. I really believe that.”

For Independence Bank, some of its best ideas for efficiency and honing new products come from employees who receive a financial reward if their concept is successfully adopted. Promoting a positive culture within an encouraging environment also continues to remain a priority.

This announcement comes in between Independence Bank adding a second location in Louisville and entering the Lexington market. “We are in expansion mode,” Reid stated. “We’re going to add a lot of new and great people. This is the fun part for me. I really enjoy the new potential customers. The part I love the most about banking will always be the relationships.”