EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Amid price increases for groceries and fuel, food banks in the Tri-State are working to help those in need while also fighting inflation. Eyewitness News stopped by the Tri-State Food Bank on Lynch Road to check in on the situation there.

The surge in prices has caused a drop in donations to food banks and compounding this is the end of pandemic related snap benefits last month. The executive director of the Tri-state Food Bank said this has caused many families to go back to square one.

“Now, we haven’t seen a huge uptick yet in the need from our pantries,” said Executive Director of Tri-State Food Bank Glenn Roberts. “That information is a month delayed, but us and other food banks across the country, coming July and August we’re anticipating a wave of need and we’re gonna do everything we can to meet it.”

There is always a need for donations no matter the state of the economy.
Roberts said the food bank is also in need of volunteers.