CENTRAL CITY, Ky. (WEHT) — Many restaurants reward kids with free food or ice cream when they bring in good report cards. A local game store in Central City, however, is doing things a little bit differently.

Memory Lane Collectibles is giving students free Pokémon cards for good grades. The store shared the news on social media Saturday afternoon.

“I’ve always believed in rewarding kids for putting in the time and effort in their schoolwork and THIS YEAR we will be doing just that,” says Memory Lane on Facebook.

Organizers say students who bring their report cards to the shop will receive credit for free Pokémon products and singles for every A and E they earned.

All schools are welcome to participate. Memory Lane Collectibles says if you work hard, you’ll be rewarded. The store also carries Yu-Gi-Oh!, anime, action figures, sports cards and Magic: The Gathering products.