Local Girl Scout gives back to community

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — As the coronavirus pandemic takes a toll on many people, one Evansville Girl Scout is trying to remind people what it can’t take.

Hannah Grimes and her mother, Becky, gave away bicycle helmets at Wesselman Woods. Becky says Hannah is having a hard time with all of the COVID-19 news, so they came up with a healthy solution to ease her fears.

They made a list of what the virus can’t take- things like being friendly, earning scout badges and being outside. They gave away the bike helmets to help others find something to keep them occupied.

“She’s looking for ways to give back to people in the community. That’s part of the Girl Scout promise and law is to help others at all times. She has extreme anxiety so we are looking for ways to calm herself and help others at the same time,” Becky said.

Hannah also recently gave away 60 books as well.

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