HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — In a recently released statement, Senator Robby Mills called out Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear for “neglecting his responsibility” to be a voice for Kentucky.

Mills made this comment after Senate Bill 4 received House approval, which would effectively prevent the closure of coal-fired power plants under certain circumstances.

“Kentucky is rich with natural resources, and the idea that our residents could face potential brownouts and blackouts are absolutely asinine,” says Senator Mills. “Senate Bill 4 conveys how Kentucky wants a strong and stable energy grid and that its residents do not want to be victims of environmental extremism.”

Sen. Mills believes Beshear must sign this bill into law to make up for his supposed lack of action against the “Biden administration’s reckless energy policy”.

“On several occasions, the legislature has challenged Governor Beshear to stand with Kentucky residents who are facing higher and higher energy costs due to federal government regulations that decimated our coal industry and continues to destabilize our energy grid,” Mills says. “Thus far, he has neglected his responsibility to be a voice for Kentuckians against the Biden administration’s reckless energy policy. Senate Bill 4 allows him an opportunity for a course correction. I encourage the governor to waste no time and sign the bill into law.”

The measure carries an emergency designation, meaning it would go into effect immediately upon filing with the Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office.