Local Officers Shocked By Dallas Slaying

Local News

The shockwaves from Dallas are stretching across the country, rippling into law enforcement right here at home.

When the news broke around 9:00 p.m. Thursday night, Deputy Matthew Brooks was on duty. He and his fellow officers gathered in the parking lot. He says they were shocked, saddened and confused.

Every time Deputy Brooks gets into his cruiser, he knows he puts his life on the line.

“Nothing’s routine in this job,” says Brooks. “We were taught that when you get complacent, that’s when you get hurt.”

He pulls out of his parking spot Friday knowing five officers in Dallas did the same thing and never got the chance to pull back in.

“Even though they’re hundreds and hundreds of miles away, all the guys in the department, we were talking about this last night, we feel that too,” Brooks says. “Because they do the same exact job that we do and we know how it feels when anybody gets hurt.”

As he drives the streets in Henderson, he usually does it alone.

“Our numbers are extremely limited, I think total on a good day we may have three officers working with us at one time,” he says. “And if something bad happens we could be 30 minutes apart from each other.

And Brooks understands in his line of work it could happen to him any time and anywhere.

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