TRI-STATE (WEHT) – Some local politicians have issued statements in regard to President Biden’s classified documents.


U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin

Durbin released the following statement regarding the Attorney General’s appointment of Robert Hur as Special Counsel to investigate the reported discovery of classified documents at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C. and the Bidens’ personal residence in Wilmington, Delaware:

Attorney General Garland has committed to avoiding even the appearance of politicization at the Justice Department, and his appointment of a Special Counsel in this matter demonstrates that commitment yet again.

In stark contrast to former President Trump’s repeated attempts to obstruct efforts to recover hundreds of classified documents, President Biden’s team immediately turned over records to the National Archives once they were discovered.  Rather than acting as the President’s personal lawyer like Bill Barr, Attorney General Garland’s appointment of a Special Counsel assures the American people that this investigation will be done fairly and with integrity.  Special Counsel Robert Hur is a distinguished prosecutor, having served as a Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney who was confirmed on a bipartisan basis.  I trust that the Justice Department’s professional, nonpartisan approach will continue as the Special Counsel starts his investigation.

U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin


Senator Mike Braun

Senator Mike Braun released the following statement after classified material was revealed to have been found in President Joe Biden’s private possession, having been taken from the White House when Biden was Vice President:

The double standard in how the Biden DOJ has managed his mishandling of classified documents is appalling, especially considering that a Vice President does not have the broad authority to declassify that a President has. President Biden and AG Garland used the DOJ as a political weapon during the midterms by raiding former President Trump’s home, and now we find out that Garland’s DOJ knew about Biden’s classified documents before the election, and the American people only found out about it because of investigative reporting. We need to know exactly what is in Biden’s classified material and why these documents were kept.

Senator Mike Braun


We have yet to receive any statements from local Kentucky politicians.