OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – Sorgho Elementary School physical education teacher Carla Clayton proved it is possible to “put lipstick on a pig” on April 1.

Students and staff recently participated in a school wide Kids Heart Challenge fundraiser to benefit the American Heart Association. Clayton promised that she would kiss a pig during an assembly if the goal of raising $1,500 was met.

The students and families of Sorgho Elementary responded by raising a total of $2,164.94 so Clayton put on her lipstick and puckered up to a pig in the school gymnasium!

Clayton said the American Heart Association was selected as the beneficiary of the school’s annual community service project for several reasons.

“We have students and staff with heart issues and that motivates us to raise money to help them and other kids with sick hearts,” Clayton said. “We do this as our P.E. fundraiser every year. As a reward for our participation, we receive a certain amount of free P.E. equipment. It’s a win-win. We support kids and adults with medicine, treatment and education about maintaining a healthy heart, while at the same time, our school earns free P.E. and fitness equipment to support our kids` heart health and overall health in P.E. class.”

Clayton said the entire school contributed to the fundraiser. Children partnered with parents and grandparents to involve the community. “Some parents took the packets to work, ballfields and church to raise the money,” she said.

Clayton said she is happy to do her part to reward the students for their efforts.