Locals reflect on NYC vaccine “passport”


(WEHT) – Mask mandates are sweeping across the nation and now we’re seeing this huge push for the COVID-19 vaccine in New York. New York City has become the first city in the u-s to require vaccination to enter a wide range of indoor activities. Vaccination proof will need to be shown through an app or vaccine card from all customers and staff.

NYC Major De Blasio said, “if you’re unvaccinated, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in many things. That’s the point we’re trying to get across.”

No vaccine mandate has been put into place in the Tri-State, but the news from New York City has locals giving their two cents.Considering that venues here at home recently started allowing full capacity again, the idea of a vaccine passport brings about concerns for some local businesses.

Quinn Thomas, the general manager of On Deck Riverside Bar and Grill, is opposed to the idea. “I don’t think that we could even survive if they had that here. Plus that would mean we would have to hire new workers as well to check vaccine cards and make sure that everybody coming in has them. I just don’t think that it would be a plausible thing that you could do in Kentucky to actually keep businesses alive. As far as COVID’s gone, we’ve struggled anyway.”

Aside from the concern regarding a decrease in customers, there’s the logistics behind how to execute the requirement.

“It will definitely be interesting if they tell us that we need to start doing that, especially if it’s in the short term. Because that will be a little bit tricky to implement,” added Marc Steczyk, Director of the Lincoln Ampitheatre.

Thomas said he thinks that enforcing the vaccine will not make people want to get it. “If you want to bring back masks, that another question for another day but I don’t think that people are going to get a vaccine just because you tell them they have to to go out and get something to eat. Especially outside.”

On the other hand, Steczyk says they will follow along with whatever protocols they are given by health authorities. “We’re definitely going to do what they tell us to do how and to implement it so our patrons, our staff, and our guests and artists equally are safe in our environment.”

As mentioned before, there is no current vaccine mandate in the Tri-State area. We will update you if anything changes.

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