EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — People waved flags today along the Ohio River as they gave a temporary goodbye to the USS LST-325. Each year, the ship embarks on a fundraising cruise for three and a half weeks. Around 50 crew members are aboard, including some veterans who fought on similar LST’s.

“It is really cool. I am from California and being out here and seeing all the people appreciating what we are doing, it is cool,” says Rich Pusalacchi, a crew member.

The ship let Eyewitness News on for an exclusive look, before stopping in Newburgh, and even let us behind the wheel. For the next thirty days, Captain Bob Kubota is steering the ship, as he has done for the past nine years.

“This is the only one in the world that still moves under its own power. The only reason why it is still around is because it was given to Greece as part of our military aid,” he says.

This year, it will travel to Ashland, Kentucky, Charleston, West Virginia, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Over 30,000 visitors are expected to tour the ship during these three and a half weeks.

“We go to different towns every year,” says Captain Kubota.

The ship returns to Evansville on October 5th and will reopen to the public on October 8th. Click here to follow LST-325 on its journey.