Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch discusses coronavirus guidelines


(WEHT)- Thursday Governor Eric Holcomb announced guidelines for the state of Indiana due to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Indiana’s Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch spoke with Eyewitness News Shelly Kirk Friday about those guidelines that were released.

Crouch encourages people to contact their doctor if they suspect they have the virus to get the proper help and assurance. Crouch also talks about how the state can help economically.


Crouch: If you suspect you have the virus, contact your doctor or your healthcare provider and then they will take the steps to implement, to continue to address your situation. But it’s important at this point in time, Shelley, that we all are prepared. We have a plan. We need to put it in action. We know that this is the plan as of today. We know that things are going to change. We know those numbers are going to grow. And we know that we’re going to have to continue to address that, monitor it, and change our recommendations as need be.

Shelley: But for anyone at there who believes they have it, they go to their health provider, they go through… I know there’s questions and if they answer them a certain way then they may or may not…If they fall into that category where further testing is required, you’re saying that the testing kits are there for those who are at that point and need testing.

Crouch: We have enough test kits. We don’t have an abundant amount. We did receive additional ones yesterday. The governor was on the phone to the head of the cdc last night. Thanked him for the kits we had. Keep ’em coming. Because as we know that these cases are going to grow, we need to have the kits to be able to test.

Shelley: With so many events canceling and schools staying home…But more of the businesses, there’s gonna be a hit and it’s gonna be an economic hit. Will the state of Indiana…What can the state do to help soften the economic blow to these businesses?

Crouch: Absolutely Shelley. We know there’s an economic impact. We know there’s going to be an economic impact. That’s why it is so important that Indiana has over 2 billion in reserves. Because that will allow us to address the consequences of that economic impact and be able to provide assistance to our large and small businesses so that we can get over this. Unlike our neighboring states, you know, perhaps that are a little more constrained financially. Indiana is in a very enviable position to be able to help come out of this.

Shelley: Do you know what that would look like at this time as far as what would prompt that point when you say yea we need to draw from that?

Crouch: That will be…That’s ongoing. This whole situation is very fluid. That’s why we’re being flexible. Because we know that we have to be able to maneuver, we have to be nimble. And we have to be reacting in a very timely manner.

Shelley: It’s also hitting working folks as well. You know, if they’re worried they’re sick… I know that the governor’s guidelines suggested that folks if you feel sick, stay home. What is the governor doing to encourage businesses to make sure that their employees do that? Take their sick time or get paid sick leave.

Crouch: Well certainly one of his recommendations is that private industry encourages telework. And so, to that extent, we are seeing industries in private sectors doing it all over the business in Indiana. The state is actually doing it for their employees. So we came out with recommendations yesterday for our administrators and our agency heads and for our state employees so that we can protect them. We need them to be healthy so that they can continue to serve Hoosiers here in our state. So we got in this together and we’re gonna work together and we’re going to get out of it together.

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(This story was originally published on March 13, 2020)

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