Made Local: 6th Street Soapery


It started out as a simple school assignment helping her daughter make soap for a chemistry project, that project is now Mary Allen’s business.

Allen’s business, 6th Street Soapery, is located in Haynie’s Corner in downtown Evansville.

Allen says she loves making natural soap and providing a healthy product for the community but Allen says it’s about more than just her business.

Mary Allen started 6th Street Soapery in November 2015, but her passion for soap making started several years ago with her daughters chemistry project and focusing on healthy living.

“We were really focused on what we put in our body but through kind of this process and project started thinking about what we were putting on our body and how that’s equally important so started reading labels of what I had already purchased and what we were using and I couldn’t pronounce anything,” said Allen.

So Allen started making her own soaps, bath fizzies, beard oil and other products with all natural ingredients.

Mixing and making everything right in her home.

She starts by mixing the natural ingredients in a bucket, then pours the batter into molds, makes a design on top and then lets the soap set up.

I started discovering that I had allergies that I hadn’t previously had and one of the things I was allergic too is a common ingredient in soaps, shampoos, cleaners even,” said Mary Kaiser.

“I started using her soap and her body buffing bar and within just a week 10 days my rashes were, my rash was clearing up and the body buffing bar like helped soothe the dry skin,” said Kaiser

While the shop is a way to provide for her family Allen says it’s about something so much bigger.

“It’s just about being part of a community being able to give back to the community as well with what we’re blessed with we try to give back,” said Allen.

Allen donates 10% of her profit each month to a special cause as well as donates soap to Patchwork Central to handout to the homeless.

“To be able to do something I love everyday and that enables me then to give back as well is just a win win for everyone,” said Allen.

To learn more about 6th Street Soapery visit their website at

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