Made Local: Green Tree Plastics


In the past 12 years, they’ve saved 7,000 tons of recyclable plastic from hitting the landfill in Evansville.

In this week’s Made Local, Eyewitness News’ Alexandra Johnson visits Green Tree Plastics to see how it turns plastic bottle caps into custom-made products.

13 years ago, Brent and Bonnie Grafton were on the hunt to start a new business.

“We went looking for untapped resources in the Evansville area and what we found were big piles of plastic, scrap plastic, massive amounts of plastic,” says Brent Grafton.

The Graftons started Green Tree Plastics, a company taking that plastic, moving it out of landfills, and into the daily use of people’s everyday lives.

Brent says, “The culture that most of us have been raised in accepts that we have mass, unlimited resources.

We’re now finding out that’s not true so we’ve become very passionate about the reuse and how do we capture the value out of the different kinds of products that we manufacture and use everyday.”

They create products like park benches and picnic tables, trash receptacles, and figurines.

All of them are made out of 100% plastic.

To do this, they have to first grind up the plastic caps into little bits.

The second step is taking those bits and grinding them down even more in a blender.

Then, it’s put through a hopper and melted down.

Once the plastic is melted, it’s put into molds before being assembled into the final product and shipped all over the world.

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