PROVIDENCE, Ky. (WEHT) — For some folks down on their luck, even a free haircut can make a difference.

One church based in Providence, Kentucky recently traveled to Nashville to provide just that. Tyler Towe, a barber from Madisonville, heard about the church group from a customer.

He tells us he was moved by their story and joined the group’s trip to Nashville to give free haircuts to over a dozen people in need. Towe says community outreach has always been important to him.

“My grandmother, from a very young age, had me doing public outreach,” Towe explains. “She would give bikes away for kids, and organized events like that, and books and stuff like that. For me, it’s really personal going back to when I was a kid. To do things for you local community and surrounding areas.”

Towe tells us he plans to continue his community outreach and will soon be working with the Madisonville Salvation Army to help others in the area.