Madisonville church says pollinator garden benefits community, nature


MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WEHT) There are many types of gardens. Some of them grow vegetables, others grow different types of flowers.

A Madisonville church is growing a different type of garden, one that’s more for insects.

Behind Madisonville First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, where the congregation meets each Sunday for services, is a garden where a different type of congregation meets every day.

“We decided that we needed to give back,” says Rev. Rebecca Zahrte.

A one-and-a-half acre pollinator garden is growing behind their church on Anton road. It has several types of wildflowers, where bees, dragonflies and other insects collect pollen and other food to pollenate other flowers and plants. It’s the first year the garden’s growing.

“We have a lot of pollinators besides honeybees that are in our area, and they need as much food as the honey bees do, so this is a way to give back to them,” says Rev. Zahrte.

“It’s a great way to do that, both on the natural side of things because, obviously, it’s used for pollination, and obviously for that purpose. But also, for people and the public to be able to come and enjoy the nature,” adds church elder Matt Sanderson.

Rev. Zahrte says the church came up with the idea out of a need to find a use for this area. The wildflowers change with the seasons. She adds it gives back to nature and to the community.

“It’s a place for us to give back to God and all of its creatures, but this place is also open to the community. SO, if they want to come and walk around the garden, see the different insects, see the different changes with the seasons, and they are more than welcome to,” she says.

Rev. Zahrte adds they are looking at adding more features and growing the garden as the wildflowers keep growing.

(This story was originally published on July 26, 2021)

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