Mailbox break-ins and car vandalism has neighborhood on high alert


NEWBURGH, Ind (WEHT)– Sheriff’s deputies in Warrick County are trying to find out who is responsible for at least one smashed windshield and a series of mailbox break-ins. It happened between Saturday night and early Sunday morning in Newburgh. The people in the neighborhood hope someone comes forward with information.

“It’s Newburgh we don’t usually have anything like that happen. We just moved to the neighborhood,” Jessica Elmore said she never thought her car would be broken into. Elmore’s family moved into a house on West Sherwood Drive two months ago. She said it’s a quaint neighborhood which is why she was surprised to start her Sunday morning seeing her stepdaughter’s windshield had been cracked. “The windshield was a dead car battery that they slammed into it.”

Elmore said they knew someone rummaged through the car because her step daughter had a dead car battery in her back seat.

“And then they laid the battery on the ground,” said Elmore. She then checked her car to see if anything happened to it. The inside of her car was in disarray. “Everything out of my center console had been thrown into the floor board and onto the seat.”

Elmore said the person who did it left a trail of their belongings outside with opened envelopes scattered on the ground.

“They went through my neighbor’s mail all the mailboxes on my street were open,” Elmore explained. “It was pretty obvious they weren’t trying to hide their tracks or anything.”

The Warrick County Sheriff’s Office is looking into the situation, but Sheriff Mike Wilder says so far they don’t have any leads.

“We are doing extra patrols in that area where that was reported,” Sheriff Wilder said testing the opened envelopes for finger prints would be difficult with mail being touched by several people as it’s shipped and delivered. “The federal postmaster can investigate those issues. A lot of times they will when they get several complaints on mail.”

Jessica Elmore owns a charcuterie board business and is offering a free treat to anyone who comes forward with information.

(This story was originally published May 3, 2021)

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