EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – A woman from Maine is on the journey of a lifetime as she is walking from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Her trip took her through the Tri-State on May 27.

Journalist and outdoor enthusiast Briana Desanctis began her journey on Jan. 1 along the American Discovery Trail. The trail is 6,800 miles long and goes from Delaware to California and she has completed over about 1,300 miles.

No woman has competed the trail on her own and Descanctis wants to be the first. She carries up to 30 pounds at a given time with basic necessities, clothes and supplies.

“If I keep finding nice places like this its hard to leave, you know,” says Descanctis. “I’ll get caught in town for a day or meet a really nice family… I like to say I “get kidnapped” but its in a good way. People wanna keep you or you make friends. Its nice to have friends when you’re traveling solo all the time.”

She wants to complete the journey by January and at the very least be past the Rockies before snow starts falling. Her trip can be followed on her Facebook page.