HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Terrabis is reporting that nearly twice as many Indiana residents are making purchases at the recently opened Grayville cannabis dispensary as Illinois residents.

Antonio DeRose of Terrabis says that after only one week of being open, they have registered members from 38 different states (including Puerto Rico and Alaska) for their loyalty rewards program. During that time, DeRose says 872 registered members from Illinois made purchases at the Grayville location, and 1,630 members from Indiana made purchases. Kentucky was in third place, with 201 registered members making purchases. DeRose provided the following breakdown of the top 10 states by number of members who made purchases at the Grayville location during the first week:

  • Indiana – 1,630
  • Illinois – 872
  • Kentucky – 201
  • Tennessee – 30
  • Florida – 24
  • Texas – 20
  • Missouri – 17
  • Alabama – 13
  • Georgia – 13
  • Ohio – 9

DeRose says they have multiple purchases per member, and they estimate transactions based on each state to be a minimum of triple the member amount on average. Terrabis co-founder and CEO Dan Ambrosino says the influx of customers showcases Grayville as a new destination for cannabis tourism.

“We’ve seen double the number of visitors from Indiana compared to Illinois residents, and are thrilled to see the growing interest from our neighboring states,” said Ambrosino. “We welcome visitors from everywhere to experience not only the best cannabis in Illinois at our dispensary, but to also explore the unique shops, businesses, and beautiful nature that make Grayville and the surrounding area the perfect place for your next getaway.”

The sale of marijuana for medical or recreational use is prohibited in both Indiana and Kentucky, however an executive order from Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear allows residents who meet certain criteria to use medical marijuana that was purchased legally in a different state. Terrabis Grayville is less than an hour’s drive away from Evansville, Indiana.