BOONVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- There was an inauspicious start to the Warrick County School Board meeting Tuesday night. Authorities say Kyle Schneider, 38, was arrested and charged with a felony trespassing during the meeting after refusing to wear a mask and then refusing to leave.

Warrick County School Corporation Superintendent Todd Lambert says they ask anyone to wear a mask when they enter school property, adding that kids, staff, and parents have followed the rule since it was put in place.

Lambert says the incident was peaceful and was resolved quickly, noting that their goal was to just have Schneider put a mask on and have him participate in the meeting. After he reportedly refused to do so, Lambert says that’s when Boonville police stepped in.

Lambert says he wants to keep everyone’s best interests in mind, saying that they “don’t want to sever these relationships” but they do want people to follow their guidelines. While the pandemic has added plenty of stress for staff and families, Lambert notes that they want to keep going forward together, saying despite “a lot of angry people,” there is a “Warrick family” and they will come through this.