Man Arrested For Joyride on Stolen Construction Equipment


WARRICK COUNTY, INDIANA — It may have seemed like a good idea last night, but for Bryan Richardson Jr., his joyride on stolen construction equipment Wednesday morning has brought him to an unideal destination.

“We see a lot of times, people will steal construction equipment and they get it hung up or whatever the case may be, but no, normally don’t just get in and take a ride,” Warrick County Sheriff Brett Kruse said.

Kruse said deputies received a call around 2 a.m. Wednesday of an excavator stuck in a yard on the corner of Arizona Drive and Libbert Road.

“We’ve seen construction equipment where people get in it and play with it in the middle of the night,” he said.

Deputies found Richardson riding a backhoe in a field about a quarter-mile away. When deputies approached him, Richardson tried to take off.

“He said he thought it belonged to his uncle, but it didn’t belong to his uncle,” Kruse said. “It belonged to another company doing work in the area.”

Kruse said Richardson stole the equipment from a construction project at Oak Grove and Epworth Road. He then drove the excavator all the way to Libbert Road where he then became stuck and abandoned it, before returning to the site to steal the backhoe.

“When it’s dark, you can’t see power lines and you stick that boom up into that power line, it could cause some major problems to the utility company. It could result in death of the operator,” Kruse said. “You could cause a major power outage in a heavily populated area.”

No one was hurt, according to Kruse, just some damage to some lawns and a driveway. Kruse said the equipment was not damaged either.

Richardson is being charged with public intoxication and theft. He is still in custody and could face more charges.

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