Man arrested twice for calling 911 for non-emergencies; saying he’s “tired”


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – An Evansville man was arrested for misusing the 911 service. 61-year-old Daniel Schroeder called 911 twelve times in just seven days.


Evansville Police said Schroeder was arrested on September 11th for the unlawful use of the 911 service and he pled guilty. Initially he was sentenced to six months in jail. The judge suspended the penalty on the condition that he did not misuse the service anymore, but that didn’t stop him.

Schroeder was arrested again for the unlawful use of the 911 service on September 14. EPD’s Taylor Merriss said these calls can take away from higher priority emergencies.

“For him I’m sure it was, you know, a reason for him that he felt like he needed to call 911. But when those types of situations occur it takes officers’ time from a run that could be a higher priority… What if something else is happening in the city that’s a priority 1 – shots fired call. That officer is busy handling this gentleman’s situation,” said Merriss.

Merriss said the police do understand that this could be someone’s worst day and seems high priority to the caller, but it may rank as less of a priority to the department. She said the EPD takes all calls seriously no matter what get dispatched to them.

She added, “these arrests don’t happen hardly ever. It’s whenever we get the continuance of the same call.. Where he’s been warned, he’s been told numerous times not to call for these types of situations and he continues to. That’s when we have to take action. But we encourage people to call 911 for anything if they feel like they need services.”

Schroeder was sentenced to 60 days and is currently serving that sentence at the Vanderburgh County Jail.

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