Man buys wife ‘turnips’ instead of ‘Tulips’ for Valentine’s Day


Most people expect chocolates, roses or dinner on Valentine’s Day.

But one Hartford, Kentucky couple is getting attention for a misunderstanding that resulted in a sweet, but somewhat comical Valentine’s gift.

The saying “it’s the thought that counts” applies to this unusual gift from a husband to his wife this Valentine’s Day.

A simple misunderstanding — helped him “turnip” the charm — and create– a special memory,

“When I got up and got my first cup of coffee, and he said “Oh! Your turnips are here!” And I said — “Turnips?!”‘
You could say the start of Valentine’s Day at the Harris household was “rooted” in confusion.

“What’s that? Turnips! Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you honey! …..annnnnd that was not exactly what she wanted,” Allan recalled.

It all started the night before, when the couple discussed Valentine’s plans.

“She said I know what I want. And I said Okay? What would you like?”

Except what Nina wanted, was not exactly what Allan heard.

“He wasn’t paying attention. He just said “yes I know!”

Determined to give his sweetheart what she wanted for Valentine’s Day, Allan woke up at 4 a.m. to do just that.

“And I thought she said…turnips. And I went out this morning…and bought… turnips!”

Nina had requested something a little more permanent than a bouquet:

“Tulips! To plant in the yard….”

But thinking “turnips” — allan made it as romantic as he could.

“I went and got the bucket and put the turnips in the bucket that says “I love you” on it […] I went in there, go there, got her coffee, and here you go!”

In the end,  nina still received what she asked for and more.

“I went to Walmart when she was gone, and got the Tulips, and bought her a balloon!”

And allan is just trying to figure out  how to top Valentine’s tubers.

“I don’t know how I’m going to outdo myself this coming year, but give me a minute, and I’ll think about it,” he laughed.

“It’s been really special, in many ways,” she said.

Allan and Nina have been married since 2006 and they say the usually do celebrate Valentine’s Day every year.

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(This story was originally published on mmmmm dd, 2017)

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