One good deed a day, something we all aspire to do. What if that one deed was helping officers catch a felon? 

That happened to one Tri-State man on Monday.  

It’s not uncommon to find cyclists in downtown Evansville, especially on a nice day. But it’s uncommon when one is involved in a police chase. 

Monday morning, Jonathan Adams was spotted inside the Vanderburgh County Courts Building. 

Adams was subject to arrest for a probation violation. 

Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s deputy Ryan Barrett began chasing after him

“The person (Adams) ran out of the front door, the Martin Luther King side, and went south then east on locust street,” said Vanderbugh County Sheriff Dave Wedding.  

A man with a bike saw what was happening and instantly offered up his ride to the deputy. 

“He yelled at the deputy and said, ‘Hey do you want to borrow my bicycle to try to chase the guy down?’ said Wedding. 

Thanks to the kind citizen, Barrett was able to catch up to Adams and an Evansville police officer was able to help too. 

“An Evansville police officer in an unmarked car had heard the commotion on the radio and was following the subject as well. She actually gained ground in the unmarked car and intercepted the subject a short distance away,” said Wedding. 

It led to an arrest, assisted by Barrett and his bike on loan. 

“He said I’ll have this bicycle back shortly and he did that once they transported the suspect that was under arrest back to the courthouse and our deputy rolled the bicycle back and dropped it back off.”

And you can imagine a bike chase wasn’t on Barrett’s agenda when he got dressed in the morning. 

“He was in a Class A uniform, so he even had a tie on. It made his experience a little more humorous,” said Wedding. 

VSCO was left thankful for the man’s spur of the moment decision to help and left with a few good laughs of their fully dressed deputy racing down the street. 

Sheriff Wedding tells us he doesn’t think a citizen’s bike has been used in a chase before. There’s been crazier things happen at the court building like suspects jumping out of windows and smashing into doors but nothing quite like this. 

(This article was originally published May 1, 2018)