Man Rescues Injured Bald Eagle Shocked By A Power Line


Wednesday morning, a man driving home in Dogtown, just west of Evansville, came across our national bird the bald eagle. But the eagle wasn’t flying…it was hanging from a power line 30 feet over the road. 

Andy Norrell was driving home when he saw the bird hanging from the power line. 

“It was hanging there,” Norrell says. “I thought it was dead and as I got out of my vehicle and approached it fell and glided into the bean field and I could tell it was alive.”

It appeared the bald eagle had been shocked. What’s even more of a coincidence, Norrell is a shelter manager for Posey County Humane Society. 

Indiana Conservation Officer Joe Haywood says, “It might have been electrocuted hanging upside down from the power line. The person that actually saw it watched it glide down to the ground and saw there was something wrong with it.”

As someone who works for an animal shelter, Norrell says he stayed with the eagle until Indiana Department of Natural Resources got to the scene, trying not to lose it in the field. 

“No one would have ever found it,” Norrell says. “Maybe later this fall when they plow or harvest crops but it probably would have died.”

DNR officers say it appears the eagle was shocked by the electrical lines, but should be okay. 

“It’s our national bird, it’s the symbol of our country so I believe anybody would do it,” Norrell says. 

The eagle is being transported by DNR to a rehab in Vincennes. 

(This story was originally published September 13, 2017)

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