EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Evansville’s Martin Park Apartments now show signs of progress taking shape after management details a property renewal plan in a letter sent to residents following more than a week of tenants expressing frustration. 

While we have not been able to directly speak with office management, we have obtained documents sent to tenants which covers the property improvement plan, while also addressing the hot topics of stolen rent checks and poor living conditions.

Plans include renovations to all Martin Park properties, a new dog park at Martin Park’s west side location, and improved lighting and security systems on-site.

The letter references stolen checks and money orders from an office burglary that took place in March of 2022. Martin Park officials state in the letter that insurance does not cover lost or stolen checks and money orders, and they highly advise residents to check with their banks to rectify that issue. The letter does, however, state Martin Park will help with any recovery or cancellation fees accrued.