McCain Gives ACA Repeal Thumbs Down

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There has been a dramatic turn in the U.S. Senate.

With a decisive thumbs down, Senator John McCain cast the most important “no” vote.

The last ditch effort to water down the Affordable Healthcare Act fell one vote, ending at 49 to 51 during the overnight senate session.

The senate rejected a measure to repeal parts of the ACA with the so called “skinny repeal.”

Three republicans joined democrats and voted no.

The loss dealt a severe blow to President Trump’s agenda and GOP’s effort to repeal and replace former President Obama’s heathcare law.

One local man had his own opinion:

“That’s what they need to do is fix the little loop holes in it. No law is perfect, but if they would try to get together and do that, it would probably be a lot better for people than just overall repealing it and skyrocket the way they could,” said Evansville resident Jeremy Pinnell.

Senator John McCain is now calling on the senate for a fresh start asking for trust and bipartisanship and putting the healthcare needs of Americans first.

(This story was originally published July 28, 2017)

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