HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — With each Easterseals telethon, Eyewitness News takes time to highlight the ambassadors that represent Easterseals.

A Henderson boy shows us how hard work and a positive attitude pays off to accomplish your dreams.

Meet Charlie Joyner.

“Probably the happiest kid I ever met,” said Charlie’s mother Libby Joyner.

Whether he’s at school at Spottsville Elementary in Henderson or playing shuffleboard with famiy, this friendly seven-year-old is on the move.

“I like playing sports,” said Charlie Joyner. “And I like doing work.”

When he’s not pursuing soccer and baseball, Charlie keeps up with current events by watching Eyewitness News.

His favorite part of a newscast?

“Wayne Hart,” said Charlie Joyner.

The Joyner family live close to the Eyewitness News studios so Charlie is an avid follower of the daily forecast.

“There might be a tornado, you never know,” said Charlie Joyner. “Like one time I was up and the water was coming up out of the river and it was coming up against those back windows. And we had to go in that bathroom. I’m not going to take a risk. you don’t want to get yourself hurt or others hurt.”

When he’s not learning in his first grade classroom or watching backyard weather,Charlie spends time here at Easterseals Rehabilitation Center in Evansville.

“He’s never had a bad day and he’s been through quite bit,” said Libby Joyner.

Charlie was born with his intestines on the outside of his body. Doctors corrected the issue but his mother Libby noticed Charlie wasn’t growing properly.

“When he was one he had an MRI and we found out he had cerebral palsy,” said Libby Joyner.

Charlie had surgery on his spine at age three. Two days after the surgery, he started therapy at Easterseals.

“No muscle tone,” said Libby Joyner. “We carried him in like an infant, .flat on his back. And slowly, we went five days a week for a year.”

Four years late..

“I learned to ride a bike,” said Charlie Joyner. Learning to write my name, hold a pencil, and button my shirt.”

And the Joyners are overjoyed at the progress.

“A far as he works is as far as he’ll get,” said Libby Joyner. “If he wants to walk independently. He needs to work at it. And he does, he goes in there and he works. He has little tri-pod canes that he’s really good at.”

As Charlie grows with therapy at Easterseals, the Joyners are grateful to the community support for helping children and adults in the Tri-State.

“The gym, the bikes,” said Libby Joyner. “That’s all due to donations. and if it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t be where we are.”

Charlie tells us when he grows he would like to be a dj and pursue his love of music.