EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — A new addition to 2023’s West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is the “Mission Ukraine” booth where 11th Avenue meets Franklin Street.

Some members of the mission and the Slavic congregation of the Grace of Christ Church are making an effort throughout the week to send aid and to support their friends and relatives in Ukraine.

Victoria Mayatskiy is among those with the church congregation joining the effort to send aid to Ukraine.

The booth this week is selling Slavic dishes — like cheburekis and shish kebabs — as a means for aid to Ukraine for evacuation and for creating access to drinking water and food.

Mayatskiy says the opportunity also gives the church a chance to share its message to all.

“I’ve never lived through the war, but it’s scary. You’re scared for your life. So, the church is also bringing hope — hope to find peace and God. So, we’re evangelizing at the same time, so we’re doing material help and also spiritual help,” Mayatskiy said.

Mayatskiy is asking for those making the effort to come and support Mission Ukraine to remember what blessings they have.

Mayatskiy says those in Ukraine are facing food scarcity, homelessness and threats from bombs and artillery.

“Try to understand that the reality you face today — plenty of food, safety, you go to work, you go to school,” Mayatskiy said. “You get to put your kids to bed at night. This is not the reality for some people right now.”