(WEHT) As lawmakers continue looking for solutions to the nationwide baby formula shortage, some local groups and hospitals say they are seeing more parents looking for help in getting the formula for their infants, and more donations come in. 

“We have had calls of mothers needing special formulas and asking if we have received any donations of them, a lot more than what we normally see,” said Captain Alyssa Irvin of the Salvation Army of Owensboro. She also says availability of baby formula at its food pantry depends on donations. The agency didn’t have any on its shelves this morning, but will let parents know if some comes in.

“As a mother myself, who had a daughter on specialized formula, I can only imagine the worry and the concern that mothers are going through right now,” said Capt. Irvin.

President Biden authorized the Defense Production Act to bring more formula to the shelves made in and outside the U.S. Senior administration officials say they’re talking with manufacturers on where suitable product can be brought from overseas, and the act allows them to pull stuff through the supply chain faster. A study by SmartAsset shows baby formula can cost $411 to $874 a month, depending on the product and how much a baby consumes.

“in the past couple of weeks, I think we’ve seen an uptick in the need,” said Gretchen Moody, RN, of Deaconess Women’s Hospital.

Officials say they’re seeing more milk donated from donors, with 2,500 ounces donated last month, to be processed by the Milk Bank in Indianapolis. They also recommend parents not rely on homemade formula recipes, and talk with pediatricians about similar products if what they buy isn’t available on store shelves.

 “Usually, your pediatrician or your dietician can find a product that’s maybe comparable in a different. So, you may be getting the same type of product, just made in a different company,” said Angie Mullenix, RD, of Deaconess Women’s Hospital.

(This story was originally published on May 19, 2022)