More snake sightings expected this summer


(WEHT)–Brood X cicadas will be emerging from underground for the first time in 17 years. Soon the sounds of cicadas will be echoing throughout the Tri-State. Some swarms have already been spotted in Perry County.

A Henderson County resident remembers seeing and hearing the swarms of cicadas in 2,004.

“When you get a lot of them. Oh my goodness. It was just so loud,” Angela Whitby said she’s glad the big-eyed bugs rarely come out of their burrows. “We will deal with it. I mean it’s only every 17 years that it’s really bad.”

Even though some people see cicadas as pests, snakes and other creatures see them as a rare treat.

“So lots of predators like snakes, turkeys, squirrels, a lot of things like to eat the cicadas. So in the next couple years we might be seeing more of those populations, but I don’t think we would see too much of an increase just because. I mean these are periodical cicadas. So they’ve only been coming out every 17 years,” Cindy Cifuentes, Wesselman Woods Natural Resources and Research Director, explained an abundance of cicadas means snakes get to feast.

Wildlife experts believe the extra nutrients won’t necessarily cause a population boom, but you might be seeing more snakes and wildlife creatures until mid-July.

“The cicadas might bring some snakes, some raccoons, some wildlife you typically wouldn’t see in your back yard and if that does happen, let them do their thing. This is a natural thing that’s occurring with the cicadas. I wouldn’t intervene unless they are like posing a threat to yourself or your family or your pets,” said Cifuentes.

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