MORGANFIELD, Ky. (WEHT) Morganfield in Union County is starting to look a little more colorful in recent weeks.

That’s because some residents are repainting fire hydrants to beautify the town, some resembling a famous animated character.

“They were old. Some of them needed paint pretty bad,” said Kevin Nelson, describing what the town’s fire hydrants looked like before repainting started. So he, and his wife, Judy, Decided to start giving the nearly 75 fire hydrants in Morganfield a new coat of paint, and a new look.

“We just travel back and forth, find the ugly ones, and paint them into prettier Minions,” he said.

“We try to Minion up North Morgan, and it looked cute, and everybody seemed to like it,” adds Judy.

Minions from the ‘Despicable Me’ movies are just one of several things the couple, who moved to Morganfield from Nevada a few years ago, are painting onto the hydrants as their way to beautify the town.

“There’s not a lot of characters you can put on them,” said Judy. “So, we tried it once and it looked really cute.”

“Everybody loves it. Everybody is wanting requests now. ‘I want this painted. I want that painted,'” added Randy Greenwell, Morganfield Mayor.

The first hydrant repainted was in front of Morganfield Fire Department to look like a Dalmatian. They started there after talking to firefighters about the idea.

“When we did the one in front of the firehouse, they refused to fill their fire truck with that one because it is so pretty,” Kevin recalled. “So, they drive around and back of the building to one that we haven’t done.”

The Nelsons say firefighters also donated the paint to them. They estimate at least a third of the hydrants are repainted. They have to keep the hydrant hats the same color they were.

“It makes you feel good when you’re doing that one thing and somebody else catches on,” Kevin said.

The Nelsons hope it’s getting others to do other things to give Morganfield a new look.

“If we do one thing, someone will see us, and maybe they will do one thing. Then someone will watch them and they will do one thing,” said Kevin.

(This story was originally published on July 8, 2022)