EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – An Evansville mother is grieving and searching for answers after the death of her 18 month old son. His death, police say, was at the hands of her boyfriend, 21 year old Tavion Cobb, who is now charged with murder and neglect. The mother, Germia Groves, says the pain makes it too difficult to talk about her son’s death.

“How do you live with your only child gone, and your first child at that,” says Groves. “What do you do?”

She says her child, 18 month old Nyheim Groves, was returned to her unresponsive by Cobb. According to police, Nyheim suffered burns near his knee and his face, as well as a severe head injury. Cobb told police he thought the child was asleep while taking him to Groves’ home, but it was later determined Nyheim had been dead for several hours.

“I just really want justice for my son. And just want answers and closure,” says Groves.

According to Groves, Cobb lied to her about his age and name, only discovering his true last name after his arrest. Groves has few, if any, answers, but in a short 18 months, she has memories of her son to hold onto.

“Wonderful, smart, funny,” says Groves of her son. “He was adorable.”

Groves says she wants the truth from Cobb, and wants to know why this happened. Groves has a GoFundMe account set up to help cover the costs of Nyheim’s funeral.