Mother’s Day: Evansville mother and daughter sharing special bond


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- They’re milestones for virtually every parent: seeing your child graduate college or get married. But for Evansville woman Karen Mitchell, actually seeing your child do those things means even more.

Mitchell was born legally blind and has lived her life reading with braille or special glasses that helped but were occasionally impractical. Enter the eSight4 glasses. Mitchell says the glasses help her read, experience events like her son’s graduation and wedding, see her hometown, and teach her daughter Veronika, who is also blind.

Mitchell says she was able to see everything and take pictures at her son, Christopher’s, wedding. Christopher says knowing his mother could see what was happening made the moment matter that much more to him.

Danny Mitchell, Karen’s husband, says the glasses have helped her perceive her hometown in ways she wasn’t able to before, like spotting a hill near Green River Road and Lincoln Ave.

Through it all, though, Karen isn’t bitter or mad that she was born blind. Instead, she says she has faith that God put her on this planet for a reason. Mitchell adds that Veronika is that special purpose for her.

(This story was originally published May 9, 2021)

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