Motorcycle-Riding Dog Makes Businessman’s Bad Day Better


An Evansville business owner turns to Facebook to find a man and his motorcycle-riding dog that made the businessman’s day without even knowing it.

Todd Veeck, the owner and namesake of Phone Todd, responded to a detached garage fire in northern Vanderburgh County Friday morning. Veeck, a volunteer firefighter, joined other firefighters from Scott Township, German Township and McCutchanville fire departments. Once the smoke cleared and one of the homeowner’s dogs was rescued, officials made a discovery.

“We didn’t realize there was another dog in the garage that caught fire. We found out afterwards. The family got there and it was a pretty sad moment,” Veeck said. “After we realized the animal was in there I kind of thought, ‘what if that was my dog?’ I couldn’t imagine what the family was going through.”

He took it hard.

“Dealing with stuff when I was in the military, fire department and medical scenes, there’s a lot of stuff that I can block out but when it comes to children or animals, that’s kind of when it gets to me,” Veeck said.

He kept to himself the rest of the day, he said. That was, until, he and his wife made a discovery of their own.

“I turned onto Burkhardt Road and I look over and my wife said, ‘hey look at that!’ I got my phone out and took a picture. The dog was having the time of its life,” Veeck said.

The picture Veeck took shows a small dog, sitting on the back of a motorcycle, strapped in safely with his master. The dog named Finnegan was wearing goggles and looked to be enjoying every minute of his little road trip.

“It just made me laugh and kind of forget what I was thinking about earlier,” Veeck said.

Veeck posted the picture to his business’ Facebook page, offering the man and his dog a $50 gift card to PhoneTodd. The post quickly spread on social media. It was shared hundreds of times and viewed by thousands more.

The next morning, the motorcycle rider, identified as Michael Smith, commented on Veeck’s post.

“That is indeed my Finnegan. He loves to ride!!I will accept and match your [gift card] offer if you will allow me to donate it to It Takes A Village no kill shelter! I encourage everyone to donate. Tell them Finnegan sent you,” Smith said in his post.

Veeck accepted Smith’s offer and then some.

“No hesitation. It was an instant yes,” Veeck said. “As soon as I found out what it was, I decided that I wanted to do something more too.”

Veeck said he and Townsquare Media will be taking  5% of profits from the rest of the month and donating it to It Takes a Village Canine Rescue.

That’s not too bad for what was once a bad day.

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