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Mount Carmel woman was arrested for excessively calling police

"Mount Carmel Police Department... Hello?"

It happened again.

"Mount Carmel Police Department....”

And again

"Mt Carmel Police Department...."

And again

"Mt Carmel Police Department..."

And every time



"Her intention was to call the police department as many times as she could call, and she did accomplish that,” Mount Carmel Police Chief John Lockhart said.

The mount Carmel Police Department sent officers to Cherry Street to see what was wrong. Officers say they found an elderly woman who said nothing was wrong.

“And then we'd get more phone calls. It got the point where she would look out the window and then not answer the door."

After 28 times of this happening, police took action. 79-year-old Margaret Kolb was arrested for police harassment

Police investigators say Kolb has a history. The library, hospital and health department all have received similar calls.

But when she allegedly started tying up the dispatch lines, police decided enough was enough.

"A lot of people say, well you know, you didn't have to arrest her, why didn't you get her some help? Well it's not quite that simple,” Lockhart said. “If they're not an immediate danger to themselves or to the public, we can't force that person to go get a mental evaluation.

He added, “The ultimate goal is to make sure our lines are clear so we can receive our phone calls, and render aid to the public, and the other is, we get her into the system.”

At least in the short term, the strategy has worked. Chief Lockhart said since Kolb was released from jail, the calls have stopped.

(This story was originally published on November 29, 2017.)

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