MT. VERNON, Ind. (WEHT) – The mayor of Mount Vernon said a dog that was ordered to be euthanized has been stolen from the kennel it was being held in.

May Robinson said her four-year-old granddaughter accidentally stepped on her dog Jager. She said she saw her nearly 80-pound dog jump up on her granddaughter. Jager scratched Kinley’s face deep enough for the child to need surgery.

In April, a judge ruled for Jager to be euthanized. Since then, people within the community have spoken out to try to save the dog. Robinson started petitions and even several protests over the months to try and convince the judge to let her family see Jager.

Things came to a boiling point several days ago on Jan. 20, when records show the Indiana Supreme Court unanimously denied the request to take up the case. On Saturday, G. William Curtis, Mount Vernon’s Mayor, said the dog was stolen.

Mayor Curtis gave a statement, showing his disappointment:

Last night the kennel where the dog was housed was broken into and the animal removed. The fact that one or more citizens are not only unable to accept the decision of our local trial court, Indiana Court of Appeals and Indiana Supreme Court, but chose to take matters in their own hands it in their own hands to violate Court Orders, saddens me, embarrasses me, and angers me. To disagree with the court’s decision is every citizen’s right. To take the law into their own hands is the act of a vigilante.

Whoever took the animal from the kennel trespassed on a private citizen’s property, broke into their building, and removed something that had been placed in their care. It demonstrates a flagrant disregard for the rule of law that our founders so carefully incorporated into our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

G. Willian Curtis

Mayor Curtis said the order to euthanize Jager was done in the interest of public safety. Posey County Sheriff Tom Latham said he is investigating the dog burglary.