LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WEHT) – In July of 2021, Michael Munday of Muhlenberg County began experiencing worsening heart isuses, referred to by his doctors as a “ventricular storm”. Being a relatively healthy adult, the worsening health came as a surprise to Munday, who spent a couple of stints at the University of Louisville Health’s Jewish Hospital.

“One day I was fine, 30 days later I was sick,” recalls Munday.

Munday’s condition continued to worsen towards early 2022, when it was determined he would need both a heart and liver transplant. A team of five surgeons performed the 12-hour procedure, marking the first time in Kentucky that a patient had undergone a heart and liver transplant at the same time.

“Mr. Munday put his complete trust in our team,” says Dr. Stephanie Moore, Medical Director of the transplant team. “He did everything we asked him to do and walked around with a smile on his face every single day.”

Dr. Dylan Adamson, liver transplant surgeon, adds, “For someone who needed two organ transplants, he was probably the happiest individual I had ever met.”

With this procedure being the first of its kind in Kentucky, Dr. Adamson hopes this will build trust for patients and other medical professionals by proving these procedures can be done successfully.

“Now we’ve shown that these patients are transplantable, so hopefully this drives the needle forward,” says Dr. Adamson. “This is what drives a lot of us to do what we do.”

Munday told his doctors that he is not going to waste his second chance at life. He expressed excitement to spend Father’s Day with his family, a day he wasn’t so sure he would see again before his transplants. Munday also has specific goals in mind following a successful procedure.

“Do more work for God, and love my family, kids and grandkids, see them grow and prosper and do well in life,” says Munday.