EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- It’s been a long three years for the family of slain Evansville firefighter Robert Doerr. His daughter, Lindsey Griffin, says her own children ask about him frequently, though she hasn’t entirely told them what happened to their grandfather.

Griffin says she started the “emotionally draining” process of reliving that fateful night in late February 2019 after Doerr’s widow, Elizabeth Fox-Doerr, and Larry Richmond Sr. were officially charged with murder in connection to his death.

All this time later, those who knew Doerr remembered him fondly. Fellow firefighter Larry Wildt says Doerr was more than just a colleague and a member of the “firefighter brotherhood,” Doerr was a “brother in real life,” adding that not a day goes by without something triggering a memory of his dear friend.

Griffin says the grieving process has been tough- adding she doesn’t want to forget her father or his voice, noting that she watches old videos of him laughing or talking or dialing his since-disconnected phone number.

Even now, Griffin is still trying to find ways to cope with the grief and loss, saying her kids pulled her out of a dark period after coming to a realization that she didn’t want her kids “knowing their mom just didn’t have any life in her.”

Though Doerr may be gone, Griffin says his legacy will live on in her kids, adding that her son has his eyes and cheeks, while her daughter shares his “spunky attitude.” Griffin and the rest of Doerr’s family say they know their journey is long from over but she cried a “happy tear” knowing progress is finally being made.