Nearly 1,600 votes cast in Daviess County on first day of early voting


DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WEHT)- Daviess County Chief Deputy Clerk Richard House says nearly 1,600 votes were cast Tuesday, the first day of early voting in Kentucky, at the courthouse and the former Burke’s Outlet at Towne Square Mall.

Additionally, over 6,100 ballots have been returned and logged in by election officials in Daviess County, out of over 13,600 ballots that were sent to voters. While the only ballot drop box remains the one located in the courthouse lobby, the vendor has until Thursday to make additional dropbox deliveries per state guidelines.

Early voting will continue at both locations, Mondays through Fridays and voting will be available at the courthouse only on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. until noon until Halloween. County officials are urging people to vote at Towne Square Mall for its parking, shorter wait times, and social distancing.

Daviess County encountered some issues Tuesday at the courthouse, where voters had a “considerable wait,” compared to Towne Square Mall, where the longest wait time was between 20 and 25 minutes. While the Towne Square Mall location can accommodate up to 10 check-in locations, the courthouse can reportedly only feasibly handle one check-in location, though officials were able to add a second check-in location Tuesday.

County officials also plan to add more poll workers to manage the flow of early voters, though there was an issue Tuesday when two poll workers accidentally did not show up due to schedule confusion.

Ballot confusion

House says there was confusion at the Towne Square Mall location Tuesday as two people were given an incorrect ballot. House gave the following explanation.

Daviess County has 24 different ballot styles for this Election and each check-in station has a container of ballots with a file folder separating each style; Protocol is a Clerk that checks in a voter then verbally verifies the ballot style with the Judge sitting beside them.  That Judge then is to look at the ballot style listed in the top right corner of each ballot to perform a second check before issuing the ballot.  What seems to have occurred is the pollworker after giving a certain ballot style out dropped that pad of ballots into the wrong corresponding folder then proceeded to give at least four (4) voters the incorrect ballot.  After a voter walked out and came back into the site to make a complaint about her and her husband having voted and not seeing City Races on their ballots, the problem was identified and two (2) voters who had not scanned their ballots yet were stopped and reissued the correct ballots.  Because the two (2) individuals had already cast their ballots, nothing could be done to remedy their issue.  Once a ballot is cast and scanned, the voter has voted and that vote can’t be extracted from the machine, because all ballots that go into an Escan are secret ballots not identifiable. This affected the husband and wife that reported the issue. Our office strongly encourages anyone who thinks their ballot isn’t correct contact us before casting your ballot.

Richard House

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(This story was originally published on October 13, 2020)


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