New Adventures of Old Owen Block

Local News

A 19th century building once on the brink of demolition celebrates a new lease on life.

The ribbon was cut on the Owen Block building in Evansville Friday. It is now an apartment complex.

The group, Indiana Landmarks, started a fundraiser last year and eventually bought and sold the building to Architectural Renovators.

Contributions from the city and the “block-head” social media campaign funded the project, raising just over a million dollars.

“Not every city would’ve been as cooperative of the administration,” said Marsh Davis, President of Indiana Landmarks, “This building was becoming a definite health hazard. They could have said, “sorry folks, times up too late,” but they didn’t. Again they helped us, they gave us time to reach a solution.”

Indiana Landmarks  also presented Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and the city of Evansville with a historic preservation award for the city’s efforts.

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