EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Travelers are preparing for one more summer trip as the labor day weekend is upon us. For some traveling by air, a new website is easing concerns over delays. Fortunately, there were no delays for Crystal Ortiz and her family, who flew into Evansville Regional Airport from Tampa, Florida to visit family. However, Ortiz is in favor of a new online dashboard helping those dealing with delays and cancellations.

“That would be really good, if someone could do a page,” says Ortiz. Her sister, Frances Medina, agrees. “Yeah, because you try to call the airlines, you’re on the phone for 5, 6 hours. Not even reasonable,” says Medina.

The dashboard provides a one-stop shop for passengers to view options provided by a particular airline in the event of a “controllable” delay or cancellation, for example a staffing shortage or mechanical issue. The website then lists your options of services offered, or denied, by each airline.

“I think it will give you more peace of mind to be more comfortable to book,” says Travis Johnson, who also arrived from a flight to Evansville. Johnson says he has experienced several delays in the past, this new dashboard by the U.S. Department of Transportation is much-needed.

“I think having that past the holidays would be nice, because you’re going to need it,” explains Johnson. “There’s been a lot of delays throughout the country all of the time, all over the place, especially when you get to thanksgiving.”

The new dashboard breaks down your options, from a rebooked flight at no additional cost, to hotel or food vouchers for overnight cancellations. Information like this gives Edwina Mosley peace of mind, arriving in Evansville following a lengthy delay in Dallas, Texas.

“If I had missed my connecting flight and I was just going to be stuck, then I think a hotel voucher or some type of cash refund would have been sufficient,” says Mosley.