Finding an animal a forever home isn’t always easy, but thanks to Evansville’s new Animal Abuse Registry, it just got easier for Vanderburgh Humane Society.

“Before the registry we really had no idea exactly who was being arrested or being charged by the law with animal neglect and cruelty, so its definitely played a big part in helping us be reassured that we can find good placement,” said Layne Fowler, an adoption counselor at Vanderburgh Humane Society.

Fowler says the days with the new registry have made her nights away from the shelter more peaceful.

“We obviously get really attached to our animals, so its really nice to be able to see something and know, yes, they’re a right fit, or no they’re not, and here’s the reason why,” said Fowler.

“Its difficult to tell face to face if someone might have had a history of animal abuse, because typically people who are abusive can be manipulative or good at lying, so even if they look good on paper, a lot of times they can just be telling you what you want to hear,” said Amanda Coburn of Vanderburgh Humane Society.

The database so far has been putting more than just one person, or one shelter’s, mind at ease.

“Having those names is invaluable when your thinking about what a person may not be revealing about their past.” said Coburn.

This major step is also making more than just the animals proud of where they call home.

“There’s a quote that says that a society can be measured by how it treats its animals, and so it’s a great way for us to be an example to other communities, because there are lots of communities that don’t have nearly the commitment to animal welfare that ours does, so were very proud,” said Coburn.

For a link to the new registry click here.