MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) – In a matter of seconds, families lost everything due to the destructive December 10 tornado. In the span of 17 days, two families received more than they could ever ask for in the form of brand new homes, all for free, courtesy of God’s Pit Crew. The homes, constructed from the ground up, were revealed to Jeff and Lisa Vanover, as well as Autumn and her children, with the help of Christian music artist Jason Crabb.

“It was just wonderful, wonderful,” says Lisa Vanover. “Like I told Jeff, pinch me, make sure this is real.”

Crabb took part in the reveal, as his own tour bus pulled forward to allow both families to see their homes for the first time. He also performed for the families on their front porches and took a moment to pray for the volunteers, and Autumn’s family as excitement began to build for their first night in their new home.

“He’s gonna sleep in his own bed tonight,” says Crabb. “Momma’s going to have her own bed to sleep in tonight. Isn’t that beautiful? It’s wonderful!”

Autumn tragically lost her husband during the tornado, and spent several days in critical condition in the hospital. She recalls that her late husband had a vision for construction, and says he would love their new home.

“I know that if he was here with me, he would love it, too,” says Autumn.

Both families expressed gratitude for God’s Pit Crew and their work on building two homes for people they did not know. Six year old Alexander knows the magnitude of this reveal, and he wants to thank everyone who had a part in preparing his new home.

“To whoever did this, made all of our rooms. It is amazing,” says Alexander.

Autumn says she is excited for her new kitchen, while her children were already making themselves at home in their respective bedrooms. The Vanover’s say they are most excited to spend time outside on their new porch, and to fire up their grill as well.