New Laws Start in Kentucky


The middle of July means the beginning of dozens of new laws for Kentucky.

Criminal records, alcohol sales, and marriage licenses are all impacted.

As barrels of bourbon keep rolling at O.Z. Tyler Distillery, Operations Manager Jacob Call says they’re now able to offer more of what’s inside.

“We want to do things legally,” he says.

The limited amount of on-site sales at distilleries and craft brewers tripled from three to nine liters. Distilleries also now allowed to sell mixed drinks. Call says the new law allowing them to sell more bourbon at the distillery will help with tourism.

“We also want them to be able to sample and try what you do here, and hopefully, they can have a small sample here, or take bottles back to relatives and friends, and they’ll look for our bourbon on the shelves,” Call says.

Other new laws include: Kentuckians convicted of low-level crimes can get their records expunged. A permanent pension fund for Kentucky employees starts. There’s also tougher rules against people owning or breeding dogs for animal fighting. Also in effect is the new Kentucky marriage license forms, which lists people as bride, groom, or spouse, and takes a clerk’s name off as issuant. Changes were made in wake of rowan county clerk kim davis’ dispute against same sex marriage.

“I do like the fact that people can still choose bride or groom or spouse. I like that,” says Daviess County Clerk David Osborne. “But I really saw no need to take the clerk’s name of the issuing part when you still have it on the recording section.”

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